Club Events

Splitz Community and Team Spirit

Splitz Gym hosts several competitions each year as well as fun club.  All our events are aimed at fostering team spirit within the Splitz community and recognising the achievements of all gymnasts.

We have club events both competitive and recreational and a few times a year we open our club to the public.   You can find out more details by following our Facebook and Instagram.


School Holidays Easter Camp

Not sure what to do with your children over the Easter school holidays? Well Splitz Gym have the answer!

From Tuesday to Thursday the 7th to 9th and 14th to 16th April, Splitz is opened from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

There are lots of activities and fun with movies. games. gymnastics, Easter craft and a whole lot more.

Don't miss out! Booking close week 10.

Easter Camp over school holidays
Bring a friend and receive 15% off

Get 15% Off

Splitz Gym for school Term two have a fantastic special!

Each Splitz Gymnast (both boys and girls) bring a friend along during Term 2 and both will receive 15% off their *tuition fees.

*Conditions apply

Display Day

23rd November 2019

China Trip

2nd to 8th March 2019

Our next major event is our China training trip in March 2019.  This week-long trip to a gymnastics academy in Nanjing is open to our senior WAG and MAG gymnasts only.  It is hoped an international trip will become an bi-annual event and it presents an amazing opportunity for our junior gymnasts to aim for.

Gymnasts going on that trip are currently raising funds through the Queensland Government's Container Refund Scheme.  We are already collecting suitable containers so that we can cash them in for 10 cents per item when the scheme kicks off.  These funds will be directed to our China trip initially, but all proceeds will flow to the Splitz Fundraising Committee after the trip.

The list of suitable containers can be found here.  Please note all containers need to be washed and lids need to be removed.  They can then be left in the large metal storage cage at the gym.  The best thing is we are also helping to protect the environment!

Splitz Gym club events - China Trip

Splitz Gym 2019 Colour Day and Sleepover

January 18, 2019

A permission form is needed to be filled out for both activities. for more information

CLICK HERE about the Colour Day Teams.

Date:   Friday, January 18, 2019

Time:   5.00pm start


All WAG and MAG Level 3 and up gymnasts are invited to the annual Splitz Gym Colour Day.  Gymnasts will be divided four different coloured teams for an evening of fun and competitive gymnastic games.  Please bring $7 for pizza for dinner.  Colour Day starts at 5pm and will conclude at 8.45pm.

Our older gymnasts; WAG Teams 1 and 2, Sapphires, and MAG Level 4-6.  Are then invited to stay for a sleepover at the gym.  They will need pillows, sleeping bags, toiletries, pyjamas, and a change of clothes for the morning. Saturday pick up time is 8am after breakfast.


Individual Physio Assessments with Alex Mackay

February 3, 2019 9.00am to 4pm

Senior Physiotherapist Alex Mackay will visit Splitz Gym to conduct individual assessments for interested competitive gymnasts to ensure their training is pain free.  Alex will work with our gymnasts to determine the source of any pain or niggles and any interventions that may be required.  He will look at warm ups and the technique used while training specific skills to ensure its correctness.  An individual report will then be emailed to the gymnast and the club to ensure our gymnasts are training at their best.  Alex will attend the gym again in the second half of the year for a similar session to ensure our gymnasts are in top form for State Championships.

Alex has a Masters in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Exercise Science.  He puts great importance on patient education and understanding of symptoms.  He is currently developing an adolescent sports management program for gymnasts.

Each half-hour session will cost $45 and these can be booked at the front desk when training resumes on January 14.  Payment can be made via cash on the day or Alex will provide an invoice for payment via direct deposit.  All sessions are claimable on private health and receipts will be emailed once payment is received.

Date:   Sunday, February 3, 2019 

Time:   9.00am - 4.00pm