Splitz Gym Administration Team

Meet our Administration Team

Splitz Gym Administration Team are the first people you see when walking into the gym.  The friendly team can help you with all your enquiries; from class times, to competition schedules, events, paying for fees or order a gym training, competition outfits and any Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) issues.

At reception you can also purchase drinks, ice creams, chips and treats.

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Amanda Zhang


Amanda's life has always revolved around gymnastics through her father's involvement with the sport.  She has been managing the administration team at Splitz since the start of 2016 and is currently overseeing the growth and new direction of the club.  She is the person that parents seek out with any concerns or questions they might have and she is responsible for the well-being of our gymnasts and coaches.  Amanda is the heart and the soul of Splitz and she loves the feeling of family that exists within the gym.

Email: amanda@splitz.com.au



Our reception is run and managed by many of Splitz staff and coaches.  They are the welcoming face of the gym.  The staff at our reception enjoy seeing the younger gymnasts, who are just starting their gymnastics journey, smiling on their way into gym.  They also enjoys talking with the coaches and interacting with all in the Splitz family.

Email: info@splitz.com.au

Laura Barrar


Splitz Gym events and WAG Coordinator,  Laura is a former Level 5 gymnast, and a Splitz Gym WAG coach.  Laura stepped into the responsibility for Splitz's communications and events in 2020.  She is also responsible for organising Splitz competitions and club events and holds a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate.

Email: info@splitz.com.au

Debbie Kropp


MPIO - Member Protection Information Officer.  Debbie is responsible for providing information about the rights, responsibilities, and options available to an individual making a complaint in sport.  She can also inform and advise sport administrators and complaint handlers in Member Protection Policy for specific sports.  Her main role is to ensure impartiality and she is not responsible for mediating or investigating complaints.  Debbie took on this role because she believes it is important to provide a safe and fair environment for everyone at Splitz - gymnasts, parents, coaches, and administrators.  Debbie has a granddaughter who is a Splitz WAG gymnast.

Email: info@splitz.com.au

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Office Hours

Monday to Friday:  8:30 am to 6 pm

Saturday:  8:30 am to 12 pm

Office Phone:  07 3279 4977 - we may be busy inside the gym, please leave us a message, and we will get back you.