All Splitz Gym gymnastic coaches hold professional coaching qualifications through Gymnastics Queensland.  Each coach also holds a Blue Card and a current First Aid certificate.

John Zhang

Owner and Head Coach

John Zhang - Head coach and owner of Splitz Gym Gymnastics

John’s gymnastic career started when he was 10 years old and living in China and has continued ever since.  While training, John competed at National and International competitions and was in the Top 10 of the Chinese National Team.  A highpoint of John’s competitive years was when he developed a move for gymnast Li Ning, who represented China at the Olympics.

John began coaching when he was 30 and living in Sydney, Australia, after gaining his MAG Level 2 (now equivalent to MAG Advanced Silver) accreditation.  He then moved to Splitz Gym in Brisbane in 2005 where he has been coaching MAG gymnasts ever since.

In 2015, John had the opportunity of becoming a joint owner of Splitz Gym.  In 2017, he took full ownership of the club.

Head and Senior Coaches


Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang WAG Advanced Silver Qualification

WAG Advanced Silver Qualification

Bo started gymnastics in China when he was 11 and qualified for the Chinese National Team in 1977, going on to become one of the country's top gymnasts.

He and his wife, Annie, moved to Queensland in early 2018 after 16 years of coaching together at Pymble Ladies' College in Sydney.

Bo is WAG Level 6-10 coach at Splitz and is now leading the coaching team's efforts to make Splitz Gym the top gymnastics club in Queensland.

Bo and Annie moved to Australia in 1994 and coached at Pymble Ladies' College in Sydney for 16 years prior to moving to Queensland.

Annie Zhang

Annie Zhang WAG Advanced Qualification

WAG Advanced Qualification

Annie is our WAG Level 1-5 Coach - a position she is extremely well qualified for. Her previous Level 4 and 5 teams from Pymble Ladies' College won the New South Wales State Championships in 2017.

Joining Splitz Gym in 2018 with her husband, Bo,  Annie says coaching gives her energy and she loves watching her gymnasts improve.

She began gymnastics in China at nine years of age and the highlight of her competitive career was taking part in the China Games.

Annie is coaching the Level 4 Diamonds Development Squad and the Level 5 Sapphires Development Squad.

Maria Choulenania

Maria Choulenania WAG Advanced Qualification

WAG Advanced Qualification

Splitz is very fortunate to have the highly experienced Maria, who has coached for 16 years, as our WAG Pre-Level Lime, Level 4/5, and Level 5 Lime coach.

Originally from Russia, Maria was following in her mother’s footsteps when she began gymnastics at the age of six, and she loves the mental and physical challenges of gymnastics.

Maria was Moscow Champion three times, and has coached an All Around Regionals Champion and two State Beam Champions.

Our Coaches


Abbey Scott

Abbey Scott WAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG Intermediate Qualification

One of our newest coaches, Abbey's greatest gymnastics achievement was captaining the Queensland team in both 2016 and 2017.  Abbey, a former Splitz Gym Club Captain, loves the opportunity that gymnastics provides to develop physical, emotional, and mental strength.  She also loves helping her Pre-Level 4 Lime gymnasts and Level 3 Silver gymnasts build their confidence and achieve skills they thought were impossible.   Abbey retired from competitive gymnastics - she reached Level 10 - in 2017 and has been coaching since the start of 2018.

Jamie Tromp

Jamie Tromp WAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG Intermediate Qualification

Jamie's greatest gymnastic achievement was winning a medal on vault at the Australian National Championships when she was in Level 10.  Coaching now for a number of years, Jamie enjoys sharing her love for gymnastics with others and teaching her Level 3 Silver gymnasts to achieve their best.  She believes that gymnastics is exciting and fun.  It is also a great sport for building close friendships with teammates.  Jamie started gymnastics when she was five years old after a brief attempt at dancing.  Gymnastics was just around the corner from dance and she loved it straight away.

Jenene Kaczmarczyk

Jenene Kaczarcayl WAG Intermediate Coach and GFA

WAG Intermediate Coach and GFA

Jenene has been coaching for 23 years since she started as a volunteer in the Northern Territory when the eldest of her five daughters started gymnastics.  Jenene then went on to get her coaching qualification in Darwin and now holds WAG Intermediate accreditation, Intermediate Bronze judging qualification, and her GFA qualification for Kindergym.  For Jenene, gymnastics is so much more than winning medals – she believes it is more about the life journey of the sport and the life skills that gymnasts develop along the way.  She has loved seeing hundreds of girls that she has coached as gymnasts go on to achieve amazing professional careers and she attributes a large portion of their success to the sport.  She believes gymnastics develops discipline and goal setting skills as well as friendships and life experience.  Jenene loves watching her gymnasts become fit and healthy adults and believes it’s a great way to keep kids off the ipad!  She is taking the Rubies development squad this year as well as some Kindergym and Jumpstart classes.

Joshua Hunter

Josh Hunter WAG and MAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG/MAG Intermediate Qualification

Josh has had a long and distinguished career in gymnastics. Starting out as a seven-year-old in a one-hour recreational class on Saturdays, Josh went on to become a national champion for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, and Acro at various stages in his competitive career.  Josh has now coached for more than three years and takes the Adult Classes, Jumpstart Boys, Challenge 2 and 3, and the special needs classes at Splitz.  He enjoys the fact that he is constantly learning as a coach and can help the next generation of gymnasts to learn new skills.

Laura Barrar

WAG Intermediate Qualification

Laura’s gymnastics career started at the age of five and she competed in the Auckland region until she was 13.  She them moved competitive cheerleading and after only a few months in the sport, she was selected in to a Level 5 New Zealand representative team that competed and won competitions in the United States.  Laura coached as a teenager and then again last year, in addition to her job as a legal assistant.  After going on maternity leave at the end of 2017, she realised she did not want to work in an office anymore, instead deciding to pursue a career as a gymnastics coach. Joining us in 2019 from Aerosports Allstars in Geelong, Victoria, Laura is coaching our WAG Level 5 gymnasts along with our Pre-Levels gymnasts and our Kindergym classes.  She also assists Bo with our Level 6 and 7 gymnasts and is undertaking her Advanced coach's course next year.  Laura is also currently finishing her additional Intermediate qualifications for tumbling and Kindergym .

Lily Randerson

Lily Randerson WAG Beginner Qualification

WAG Beginner Qualification

“When you are learning frontsaults and jumping to high bar, it is the closest thing to flying you’re going to get,” says Lily.  A gymnast since she was five and a coach for nearly a year, Lily says she loves gymnastics because it is so different to other sports.  She loves coaching because she is helping kids to develop their knowledge, strength and flexibility, while also having fun.  Lily coaches our Jumpstart Senior Girls and Level 2 Blue gymnasts.

Nikita Hogrefe

Nikita Hogrefe WAG Beginner Qualification

WAG Beginner Qualification

One of our younger coaches, Nikita only retired from competitive gymnastics in 2018 and loves that she is now able to pass on her gymnastics knowledge to the next generation of gymnasts.  Starting gymnastics when she was six-years-old, Nikita's greatest gymnastics achievement was becoming Level 6 State Champion on beam in 2015, when she also placed 3rd overall. In 2014, in Level 5, she came second overall with silver on three apparatus.  Nikita loves that gymnastics makes you physically fit and encourages a healthy lifestyle.  She also is a great believer in its ability to develop confidence and to forge lifelong friendships.  Nikita is our Pre-Level Silver and Level 2 Silver coach this year and we can't wait to see her coaching abilities continue to grow!

Peri Bown

Peri Brown WAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG Intermediate Qualification

Peri's mum decided to enrol her in gymnastics at Splitz when she was five because she spent all her free time doing handstands and cartwheels around the house.  She went on to achieve a fourth place on beam at State Championships and has now been coaching for three years.  A former Level 5 gymnast, Peri believes that gymnastics is accessible to everyone and sees Splitz as a home away from home.  As a coach, Peri enjoys helping her gymnasts to achieve their goals and loves seeing the smiles on their faces when that happens.  She is coaching WAG Level 3 Blue and some JumpStart classes.

Sam Weatherhog

Sam Weatherhog WAG and MAG Advance Level Qualifications

WAG/MAG Advance Level Qualifications

Sharnee Lee

Sharnee Lee WAG and MAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG/MAG Intermediate Qualification

Sharnee started gymnastics when she was six years old and she began training at Splitz in 2004.  While reaching Level 5 as a gymnast, Sharnee sees her greatest gymnastics achievements in coaching. She finds great satisfaction in helping her gymnasts to achieve skills that once seemed impossible to them. She also enjoys re-learning the skills she did as a 13-year-old.  Sharnee has been coaching since 2013 and is involved with the Challenge 2 and 3 classes this year as well as taking the Tumbling and Level 2 and 3 MAG classes.  She loves that gymnastics uses all the muscles of the body rather than just a few muscle groups.

Tatitha Debnam

Tatitha Debnam WAG Intermediate Qualification

WAG Intermediate Qualification

Talitha recently celebrated her first anniversary as a coach and is doing an amazing job with our Level 3 Lime WAG gymnasts.  She began competitive gymnastics when she was 10 years old and says her greatest gymnastic achievement was competing at State Championships.  For her, gymnastics is a great sport because you can exercise and learn something new, all while being with your friends.

Sydney Debnam

At the age of 3 (2008) I joined Splitz Gymnastics and began participating in kinder gym.  I became involved at this particular gym because my sister had joined prior to me and my mum thought it would be a great way to release my energy.  My greatest gymnastics achievement would have to be competing as a Level 7 gymnast at State Championships.  I love that sport consists of both individual and team aspects, allowing you to feel as if you are always a part of a team.  I have been coaching for just over 1 year.  I am currently coaching Jumpstart Girl.  I love seeing the excitement of gymnasts after achieving skills they may have struggled with or never did before.
Syd is a beginner coach at the moment.

Olivia Watson

I started gymnastics when I was four which was in 2009, my mum took me to kindergym and I loved it.   Placing in the top 3 at states for 3 years in a row.  Being able to achieve new skills but the friends ships have been by far the best thing.  I have been a Split coach for around 1 year, coaching Jumpstart girls and being able to pass my knowledge on, and making classes fun for the kids.
Beginners qualification

Natalie Katafiasz

Finn Williams

I got involved in Gymnastics at a young age at Splitz, and when I moved school did BBC gymnastics.  Then I decided to come back and coach.   My greatest gymnastics achievement is doing a backflip on the floor for the first time.   I love to learn new skills and achieve goals.  I have been coaching since the start of term 3 2020 and I am coaching level 1-3 MAG.  I love coaching the boys because I like to see them have fun.

Tori Smith

Torri Smith WAG Beginner Qualifications

WAG Intermediate Qualification