Recreational Gymnastic Program

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Splitz Gym offers many different recreational gymnastic programs for children and adults of all abilities and experience.  A sport for all regardless of age, gender, or ability.  Accessible all year round whatever season.

We have more exciting news!

With amazing news, we will be opening our doors to everyone Wednesday 10th!

So what are we doing?!

We have made a few adjustments to our scheduling to ensure that we follow the new restrictions and distancing rules.  For all the parents that have currently booked in for this week's limited classes we will ensure that these are credited onto your fees.  All of our TryBooking sessions have been close since this morning due to this.

For all our Jumpstart and Kindy Members

We are offering discounts!

  1. Members who sign up for the remaining 2.5 weeks of this term and Term 3, we will be offering 20% discount on term tuitions!
  2. Members who sign up for the remaining 2.5 weeks of this term and Term 3 and brings a friend who joins for the remaining 2.5 weeks of this term and Term 3 will receive 30% off on term tuitions!

*No discount on membership and insurance*

For the parents that still have a remaining 2 week credit from Term 1, we will be opening these up as well so you are more than welcome to book in for these missed classes, please check our schedule once we have published them.


From the fun KindergGym program for toddlers up to five years.  KinderGym is founded on child development principles. It has been designed as a movement-based learning experience for children aged between 0 - 5 years old.  Splitz Gym's program promotes your child as the key focal point and involves active participation of the child's mother, father or carer.

Splitz KinderGym Gymnastics


Jumpstart (recreational gymnastics) for beginners, is FUN!  As with all of the recreational gymnastic programs in Splitz Jumpstart, fun is a key element.  If kids are enjoying what they are doing, they are more likely to want to do it again… And again... And again!  As long as they are safe and repeating skills/activities with great body control.

Splitz Jumpstart Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics

Adult gymnastics class that incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastics abilities.  It is the perfect workout that uses every muscle in your body and helps develop gymnastics skills for all levels.  Fun, rigorous and challenging for the old gymnast or any adult that wants to experience an exciting way to exercise.

Splitz Adult Gymnastics

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a program for persons with an intellectual challenge.  Splitz Gym's Special Olympics gymnastics program gives people with intellectual disabilities - of all ages and abilities - the opportunity to develop physical fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, confidence and friendships.  Gymnastics is a fantastic community based activity for everybody to enjoy.

Special Olympics Gymnastics