Splitz Community and Team Spirit

Club events at Splitz Gym hosts several competitions each year as well as fun events for all competitive and recreational gymnasts.  All our club events are aimed at fostering team spirit within the Splitz community and recognising the achievements of all gymnasts.


Club Events for Everyone

We have club events for both WAG and MAG competitive competitions and Jumpstart recreational showcase a few times a year.  We also we open our club to the public for many events as well such as Open Day.   You can find out more details by following our Facebook and Instagram.


Splitz Gym Club Events 2021

China Trip

2nd to 8th March 2019

This event was a great success for everyone!

Our last major event was our China training trip in March 2019.  This week-long trip to a gymnastics academy in Nanjing was open to our senior WAG and MAG gymnasts only.  It is hoped an international trip will become a bi-annual event and it presents an amazing opportunity for our junior gymnasts to aim for.

Gymnasts that went on trip raided funds through the Queensland Government's Container Refund Scheme.  We are already collecting suitable containers that we can cash in for 10 cents per item.

Splitz Gym club events - China Trip

Collecting Cans and Bottles

This is still an ongoing event and all proceeds will flow to the Splitz Fundraising Committee after the trip to raising money for foam replacement for our very large Foam Pit that all gymnasts from both recreational and competitive classes.

The list of suitable containers can be found here.  Please note all containers need to be washed and lids need to be removed.  They can then be left in the large metal storage cage at the gym.  The best thing is we are also helping to protect the environment!