MAG Gymnastics Information

MAG Gymnastics is an immensely challenging sport, requiring years of preparation to reach the higher performance levels.

While gymnastics is inherently fun, it also deeply enriches and educates the lives of its participants in ways unreachable by most other
activities and sport.
Recreational gymnasts seeking higher level training need to be prepared to have a greater level of commitment and competency
before being invited or accepted for progression into our Levels Program.

MAG Gymnasts at these levels are then trained to represent Splitz at Invitational, Regional, and State Championships.

MAG Gymnastics Program

  • MAG Gymnastics Levels is a more structured program that provides coaching in the six apparatus that Men’s Gymnastics uses. The six apparatus that gymnasts in this program learn are Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal
  • A higher level of commitment is required in our MAG Levels Program than in Jumpstart due to the time it takes for the boys to
    develop the skills on each and every apparatus and in each level.
  • A commitment to each training session is required, except in the case of sickness.
  • MAG Gymnasts should also be committed for the full competitive season and set calendar which is from October to September.
  • The MAG Junior Levels Program is usually for boys aged from 5 to 12 years and is a progression from Jumpstart Boys.
  • Boys can also join this program without prior experience depending on their ability.
  • The MAG Program caters for boys who want to work on their fitness and gain some strength and learn the basics of Men’s
    Gymnastics skills

MAG Levels